Miyajima Light-up Cruise


Information of our service and vacant seats

You need to make a reservation for Miyajima Light-up cruise by 2 hours before departure.
Select boarding date , please check the embarkation schedule and seat availability .

Regular timetable2015/3/4 Update
Miyajima Light-up Cruise
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Schedule of no operation day

  • All of the ship is suspended service on Miyajima underwater fireworks.
  • All of the ship is suspended service on Kangen-Sai (Lunar June 17).
  • All of the ship is suspended service on The Light-down campaign (July 7).
  • Even if you no longer has find available seats, sometimes other passengers may cancel the seat. So, please feel free to contact us.

★Recommended Information

We offer "Miyajima Best View Cruise" to you. This cruise operates once a day.
Even if you don't have enough time to take a 'Miyajima Light-up Cruise, you can enjoy this"Miyajima Best View Cruise".

Miyajima O-Torii Cruise

Cruise course

Departure time15:10
The required time 30min.
FareAdult (+ 12 age):1,500yen
Child (6-11 age):700yen
  • Please come to our waiting room at Miyajima 3rd pier by 15 minutes before departure.

Teach Me, Captain

What time does Miyajima's illumination start?

The Light-up has been O-torii Gate.

It depends on the time getting dark. Light which illuminates with Miyajima O-torii and Itsukushima shrine has a sensor.
Normally,in summer the time for getting dark is late, but before sunset you can watch beautiful shining O-torii.