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About our service

  • Do you operate your ship despite of rainy day?

    Our ship"Mikasa Maru" has a roof, so we go through with it rain or shine

  • When do you stop your operation?

    Due to bad weather such as typhoon, we may stop our service.

  • Is the ship able to pass under the O-torii Gate?

    Our ship go around O-torii Gate , but don't pass under O-torii Gate.

  • How long does it take?

    Our service for Miyajima will take 25 minutes, and for Ono will take 15 minutes.

  • Is the ship rolling a lot ?

    The bottom of the ship is flat, so It's not rolling so much.

About Access

  • When we go to Ono Pier by car, what's a landmark?

    Aki Grand Hotel is close to our pier, and it is 100meters to the west from there.

  • Which station is the nearest Ono pier?

    JR Maezora Sta. is the nearest station from Ono pier. And it takes 8 minutes from there on foot. Detailed map

About boarding

  • Can I bring something to eat or drink in the ship?

    Yes,but please pay attention to other passengers.

About reservation and fare.

  • Can I change the reserved ticket?

    Yes, if there are some seats left, we can accept your changes. Please contact us as soon as possible.(Email : toriiyuran@aqua-net-h.co.jp

  • How should we do when we ask you cancelation?

    Please contact us(Email : toriiyuran@aqua-net-h.co.jp), as soon as possible.

  • How much is cancelation fee?

    Basically, you don't need to pay cancellation fee.